The Publishing Group

BPS and Publishing Group Privacy Policy

The Publishing Group (PG) consists of Society members who delight in printing and publishing short runs, purely for the pleasure of it, to an audience of similarly minded members.

The PG circulates its bimonthly bundle to each group member. Printed items will vary from a single sheet or a small card to small booklets and, occasionally, limited edition books. Members are expected to submit at least two bundle items per year. Will BPS Members interested in joining the Pubishing Group please contact the PG Chairman, Liz Kirby

The PG membership holds only one formal meeting which is their AGM, held at the same weekend as the Society AGM, where it elects a PG Councillor (who sits on the Society Executive Committee), a PG Chairman (who is responsible for co-ordinating administrative matters of the Group), a Treasurer, and a Mailer (a key role in the Group).

The Chairman publishes a bimonthly Newsletter which contains general matters of interest to the Group and reviews each Bundle item.

Once a year members contribute pages on a subject previously agreed by the group members. These are bound together to produce The Publishing Group Annual. Each contributing member receives a copy and the remaining copies are sold, many of these becoming collectors’ items.

The only qualification required for new members joining is a genuine enthusiasm to participate, proved initially by submitting samples of two items with the application form.

PG Bundles
Typical PG Bundles