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          The British Printing
          Society, founded in 1944
          by William Brace     Non-Executive Offices
          as a ‘Society of friends’.

                               The Executive Council are reviewing the position of Non-
                               Executive Officers and their term of office.
                               When members are appointed to any of these positions, it is
                               for a three year period. Over the past few years, this period
                               has been affected by members taking on an office which has
                               not corresponded with the normal starting date, or members
                               leaving before the three year term has come to an end.
                               Therefore, the Executive Council will be advertising the various
                               offices over the next few years, in order to re-establish the
                               correct renewal of all these positions. The term of office will
                               take effect as from the Annual General Meeting in each year of
                               the appointment. The incumbent is eligible for consideration.
                               The first positions to be offered are as follows;
                               Advertising Manager
                               Enquiries Officer
                               Any member wishing to be considered for any of these positions
                               should contact the Secretary in writing at the following address
                               by the end of March 2018: 4 Doran Drive, Redhill, Surrey RH1
 Another Stanhope on show at the Stadtmuseum in Iserlohn  6AX or email
                               The first appointments will take effect this year.


       One of the privileges of being the Society’s   who put in time and effort to produce such
       Secretary is that I receive the Publishing   interesting work.
       Group bundle items (they are only sent to   The Rosen Award entries have been
       their members and the EC) and also the   sent to Branch Secretaries and will also be
       Rosen Award entries sent from Branches.   available to view at the Convention and the
       The amount of effort, thought and patience   Publishing Group will have a table so you
       that members to take to produce such   can see the quality of the printing of their
       nice looking pieces, often with short print   members. I recommend you have a look.
       runs amazes me. Thank you to all those   Peter Salisbury (5510)
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