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           he temperature here in sunny
           Northampton reached double figures
       Ttoday, spring is on the horizon and
       hopefully our members will be showing
       off their printing skills at various events
       around the country throughout the
       warmer months. Now that I have my
       little Adana 8 x 5 up and running, I am
       looking out for local opportunities to
       showcase letterpress printing and, of
       course, our Society.
         I would urge you to show your passion
       for print and spread the word whenever
       and wherever there is a chance to do so.
       I printed some greetings cards for my
       daughter-in-law’s school charity event
       before Christmas and took my press along.
         The children were very engaged in this
       ‘old fashioned’ process but many of the
       Mums and Dads were equally intrigued.   always highlights one or two fascinating
       I will continue my quest to educate the   developments. If any other member is
       world in letterpress! We appear to have   going, I would welcome a few words on
       quite a few new members this month,   there experience and conclusions.
       who I would like to welcome, I hope you   One of our members, Adrian Towler has
       enjoy the magazine and make the most of   come up with an idea that I hope will catch
       your membership.                      on. Have you ever been in the situation
         This month we have a fascinating    where you are one or two letters short in a
       piece of history from our regular     particular font? Take a look on page 60, to
       contributor, Bob Richardson. It seems   see Adrian’s idea which will hopefully help
       diversification has been around in    with this extremely annoying problem and
       business for some time.               please feel free to join in with offers and
         We also return to the subject of 3D   wants to get this idea moving.
       printing, which I am sure will continue to   I do hope that I will have the chance to
       develop and I am intrigued as to how this   meet more members in the near future,
       will affect the general printing industry.   my work does prevent me from spending
       Will it become a separate trade or will it be   as much time as I would like engaging
       taken up by current printing companies?  with the Society. I will continue to look at
         Speaking of current and future      ways to improve the magazine and would
       technology, I received my badge (by email   welcome your ideas and comments.
       of course) to Print Week Live, which is to   Keep printing!
       be held at the Wasps Arena in Coventry,
       it may already have happened by the
       time you read this. I am struggling for   Cover Image: A Stanhope printing press on show at
       time but will try and get to this event as it   the Stadtmuseum in Iserlohn
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