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             ☞  Supplier of secondhand type and letterpress miscellany.
             ☞  Rapidly changing stock. Worldwide shipping.
             ☞  After many years trading on eBay, a new website will be launching February at
             ☞  Stay up to date by following on Instagram - search urbanfox.letterpress and
                 see new and current stock posted daily.

                                  All letterpress items of interest. Fair prices always
         wanted          ☞       paid. Nationwide collection. I've worked with many
                                  BPS members in the past and always ensure
                                  everything goes on to be used again as intended.
           ☎  07950 953 543 or
                Based in Broadstairs Kent - Visitors always welcome

         Small Printer Advertising Rates

          Line adverts (text only) per month Members Only  Free (up to 50 words) then 10p per word
          Display advertisements 1/4 page per month        £7.00
          Display advertisements 1/2 page per month        £15.00
          Display advertisements Full page per month       £25.00
          Advertisement as a Printed Insert (A5)           £25.00
          Advertisement as a Printed Insert (A4 folded to A5)  £30.00

         The Editor and Advertising Manager reserve the right to refuse any advertisement. Although every
         effort will be made to publish an advertisement in a specified issue if requested, this cannot be
         The same display advertisement appearing in four or more consecutive issues is subject to a 10%
         discount and when in seven or more consecutive issues subject to a 15% discount.
         Cheques payable to “British Printing Society” and material should be sent as follows or contact the
         Advertising Manager if you wish to pay by PayPal.
         Line Advertisements should be sent to the Editor by the 10th of the month prior to publication.
         Display Advertisements should be sent with payment to the Advertising Manager also by the 10th.
         Printed inserts (350) must be sent with payment to the Mailer so as to arrive by the 25th of the month.

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