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       SMALL PRINTER ISSUE NO. 639 MARCH 2018           The Monthly Magazine of the British Printing Society
       Published by the British Printing Society, founded in 1944 by William Brace  ISSN 0037 7236 MARCH 2018 VOL.54 NO.3

       A Type of War - Bob Richardson tells the story of the
       Figgins Type Foundry’s venture into wargaming.
       Codename hillside - A country house’s wartime past.

                                                          How Earl Stanhope’s
          Executive Officers                 N0n-Executive Officers
                                                        masterpiece was saved
                                                      Derek Nuttall recounts the part he played in the rescue of an historic press
          President Jean Watson              Editor Tim Vernon
          19 Hillbrow Road, Bournemouth, BH6 5NT  28 Cottage Gardens, Great Billing, Northampton
                                                     A type founder’s unusual venture into wargaming: Page 52
                                                     Exposing a Buckinghamshire home’s wartime secrets: Page 61
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