Page 12 - March 2018
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       Many of us letterpress enthusiasts have,   ‘society of friends’. If this idea’s not popu-
       realistically, far more type than we’ll ever   lar, it will die but let’s give it a try first. I’ll
       use. So can we help our fellow Members   start off then, with...
       out, who may have founts which are    Wanted
       practically useless due to certain missing   12pt Plantin figure 5s (Monotype).
       letters?  As President Obama said (or was it   Adrian Towler 10068
       Bob the Builder?) ‘Yes We Can’.       Offered – all by Adrian Towler 10068:
         Also we sometimes acquire small bits   24pt Flash Bold  (Monotype I think)
       of type too incomplete to be any use and,   about 130 characters
       rather than let them gather dust, let’s offer   14pt Placard Condensed (Monotype)
       them to others who can add to their collec-  about 50 characters
       tions. Send me your requests and offerings   36pt Festival Titling 444 (Monotype) the
       and it will go in Small Printer. For requests   letters P,I,N,E
       I think three or four letters is a reasonable   Future wants and offers to adrian.
       quantity to expect. Offers should normally or 01273 463096.
       be sent out post free. I know, but we are a   Full contact details in the List of Members.

       The late Jack Raglan made a most inventive use of borders, sorts and off-cuts of rule to create this coastal landscape, printed to
       promote the 1997 one-day Branston Convention. The vibrant colours of the linocuts complement the scene beautifully.
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