Page 11 - March 2018
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carried out on any 2D sketch. Or better   This process can be
       still, if provided in vector format, the
       file can be uploaded directly into our   carried out on any 2D
       3D design software. To highlight the   sketch if seeking a
       effectiveness of the 3D printer, Gordon   completely new design
       provided several fleurons to print
       alongside the hand-made letters.
         To minimise cost, the 3D printed    magic 0.918 inches (23.32mm). The face
       block would be mounted to an 18mm     of the block was then gently sanded using
       wooded block. To meet the magic depth   wet and dry paper to provide a key for
       of 0.918 inches, the depth of the base   the ink whilst ensuring the exact block
       could therefore be adjusted to meet this   height was achieved.
       height. The 3D print was completed using   That’s it, the letterpress printing blocks
       the FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)   were now ready to go. Gordon used a
       printing process. This offers highly   range of 3D printed blocks and traditional
       durable parts which could withstand the   blocks to highlight the effectiveness of the
       high forces of the printing press, whilst   outcome, creating a truly faultless result.
       ensuring great details and accuracy.   If you need a letterpress block creating,
                                             please get in touch with Print My Part at
       Preparing the 3D prints for Letterpress and we will
       Once printed, the 3D prints were stuck to   be happy to help. We are also happy to
       an 18mm MDF sheet using Araldite™to   provide your printing block ready to go,
       bring the depth of the block up to the   ready-mounted to 18mm MDF and keyed.
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