Page 9 - February 2018
P. 9

Our task now was to                   emblem for Jim.  We were set to go print-
       assemble the pages in                 ing at home in our garage-will-be-studio.
                                             On what? I hear you ask. All sorted. John
       order, screen print the               had made contact with a small print shop
       cover, then hand-sew                  in Forfar that had gone over to digital, and
       using linen thread.                   had secured for us a treadle press in need
                                             of care and attention.
                                              We would be seeing John again soon;
       Starter Box                           with great anticipation and excitement we
       On our last day John rounded up a ‘starter   arranged for collection and delivery of our
       box’ – a type-tray, furniture, printer’s pie,   very own press. And so, as one story ends
       and some interesting ligatures including a   so another begins: first instalment coming
       press-here finger and a tiny football club   soon, Entropie Books and The Treadle Press.
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