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           he first issue of Small Printer I had   do any members have any problems they
           the pleasure of editing came and went   have come up against. If so, please let me
       Tremarkably quickly. Thank you to all   have the details, don’t feel you might be
       those who have sent me comments on the   asking a silly question, please send it to me
       new layout. Although Mike and I both work   to find an expert, someone in the BPS will
       in graphic design, I have to give him the   undoubtedly have the solution and it could
       credit for the new design. Our aim is to give   be the catalyst for a good article. One of
       a professional look with a clear style and   the objects of joining the BPS for me, was
       a clean uncluttered layout. After delib-  to hear from other like-minded people and
       eration, we chose a font for the body text   see what they were printing, how they were
       which Mike has used in professional publi-  doing it and whether it went as well as
       cations, it is renowned for its legibility. Any   hoped for. Make 2018 the year you shared
       comments are gratefully received, we want   your experiences.
       to know your thoughts.                 I had an email from St.Bride’s library
         As editor I want to maintain the balance   encouraging me to become a ‘friend’. There
       of articles so that hopefully there is some-  is a brief article in this edition which gives
       thing of interest for all. Personally I always   more details of how you can become a
       read it from cover to cover. Therefore I will   ‘friend’. However, if you have not been to
       make my first plea to members to submit   St.Bride’s in London, I would encourage
       your articles. Anything that you think   you to find some time to do so as there is a
       is of interest would be welcome or even   vast amount of items and knowledge about
       something you don’t think is of interest!   printing to be found within its walls. For
       Don’t hold back.                      enthusiasts of the art it is a place you must
         This month there is the second part of   visit at least once in your lifetime and it
       Bob Richardson’s article on the alloy that   needs support to keep going. I wonder if it
       is used for founders type, I enjoyed the   would be possible to have a BPS organised
       first part immensly. It is something we   visit, is there enough interest?
       tend to take for granted but amazingly   Finally, the front cover of this issue fea-
       it remained pretty much unchanged for   tures a photograph of Chris Brinson who
       hundreds of years.                    recently passed away. Although I never
         I have written a small piece about how I   had the pleasure of meeting him, I am
       became interested in printing and became   aware that he was a stalwart of the Society
       a litho printer. If space allows I will con-  and I am sure he will be sadly missed by
       tinue the story, so please send me plenty of   all who knew him.
       articles if you don’t wish to hear any more   Keep printing.
       of my printing life!
         I would really would like to see a ‘Tip of
       the Month’ in each issue. I am sure we have
       many members who are not trained in the
       mystic arts, that would appreciate some
       help to improve their printing skills. As
       I was not trained as a letterpress printer   Cover Image: Chris Brinson printing  at
       or compositor, I am sure I would benefit   the Waiting Room in Colchester.
       from some help. In conjunction with this,   Photograph by Ron Rookes
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