Page 19 - February 2018
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       PRINT OR


       The usual conversations about
       whether items should be printed
       or if they are better for the envi-
       ronment if they go ‘paperless’ has
       come round again as a result of an
       international survey conducted by
       the Two Sides organisation.
         The organisation Two Sides was
       created to dispel the myth that
       going ‘paperless’ is the answer to
       the problem of global warming. We
       have probably all seen at some time
       the slogans ‘Go Green – Go Paper-
       less’ and ‘Save Trees’; but these go
       against established facts about the
       way that forests have increased by
       50% over the past decades
         The survey suggests that a large
       proportion of those questioned be-
       lieve that this is just a money-saving
       exercise, rather than contributing
       towards saving the environment.
         The overall findings of the
       survey were that a majority found
       information was easier to com-
       prehend when read in print, and
       that digital produced fatigue over a
       period of time.
         Two Sides has had considerable
       success in challenging adverts that
       were either misleading, or just
       wrong, in the information printed.
         The global report and key findings
       from the UK survey is available for
       download at the following address:
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