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         Sans Serifs
         Further to the article ‘Just how modern   set in Gill Sans ever since it was new,
         are sans serifs?’ in the January issue,   before the war, but an agency was em-
         their history goes back even further   ployed in the early eighties to
         than 1818. James Mosley’s book ‘The   redesign it. Looking at several alter-
         Nymph and the Grot’ traces architec-  natives, one of my superiors said he
         tural uses of sans serif lettering back   preferred Garamond because it looked
         to the eighteenth century, when it was   more modern. Maybe as the new office
         not seen as modern but as a classical   junior I shouldn’t have been so quick to
         style from antiquity. There is a Greek   point out that the proposed modernisa-
         example from the fifth century BC!   tion was replacing a 1930s design with
           One company I worked for years ago   one from the sixteenth century!
         published a catalogue which had been   Alan Brignull (4800)


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       Tinitiative and is asking interested mem-  month, Friends benefit from:
       bers of the public if they would consider   • Closed Access collections viewed in the
       becoming a Friend.                   Library reading room
          Friends’ subscriptions play a vital role in   • A bi-annual email newsletter with updates
       helping keep the Library running for pres-  on how donations are helping the Library
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