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         have just reached the tender age of 60   I was keen to see if I could print
         and have spent all my working life in   something on my little press and from a
       I the printing industry. I began a 5 year   Catalogue dated 1948 that came with all
       apprenticeship in 1972 having left school in   the other paraphernalia, I got in touch
       early July that year at the age of 16.   with Adana and they sent me the latest
         My love affair with the printing indus-  catalogues, which intrigued me greatly. It
       try came about by chance the previous   amazed me that a lot of the items from the
       summer, when my grandfather was clear-  1948 catalogue were still available in the
       ing out one of his many sheds full of junk   new one. After much deliberation and some
       that he had gathered over many years (he   saving of pocket money I bought a tube of
       even had an old railway carriage with a full   black ink and some typecases and awaited
       size snooker table in it). He handed me   their arrival with anticipation.
       what I later discovered was an Adana High   A week or so later, I was attempting to
       Speed No.2 printing press together with a   produce my first print. I don’t remember
       quantity of type and accessories and said   exactly what I printed but I do remember
       it might interest me – it did. The type was   the first real effort was a menu for our
       all mixed up and required sorting, fortu-  Christmas dinner at home! My grandfather
       nately I am blessed with patience. I quickly   had several businesses over the years from
       learnt to differentiate between a lowercase   a florist, greengrocers and at that time
       b,d,p and q and ended up with some Times   a petrol station and car repair business.
       Roman and Times Bold.                 The greengrocers must have been going in
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