Page 9 - September 2017
P. 9

|  Another printing fi nd |                          |  Pat Swadling (10453)  |

       I                                     advertising department staff for pricing,
         suspect most readers know that I
         am an inveterate collector (too old
                                             particularly if they were visiting potential
         to change now!), and if you have
       also been following my apprentice     advertisers, although probably some
                                             rulers were given away to their ‘best’
       adventures in recent Small Printer    customers.
       articles you will also know I worked on a     I have tried various websites, but
       newspaper for over 30 years.          there doesn’t seem to be much
         All of this means that not only do   information about The Daily News &
       I search for any printing items when   Leader. Perhaps readers who are more
       out and about visiting antique shops,   computer literate than myself will know
       I particularly look for any newspaper-  where to search?
       associated items. Incidentally, has
       anyone else noticed how much old
       metal newspaper advertising signs have
       increased in price?
         My wife and I recently visited
       Chichester. Not only does it have a
       beautiful cathedral and lots of shops, it
       has several antique shops: one even has
       a seat for waiting wives. Over the years
       I have found that when you visit these
       shops it is always worth looking under
       and behind things as you never know
       what is lurking there . . . and so I found
       a great piece of newspaper advertising
       (see pictures).
         I have several old newspaper
       advertising rulers and typescales, but
       I have never seen anything quite like
       this one, and it is fascinating in several
       different ways –  not least its size,
       approximately 22in long by just over 2in
         Then there is its age: if you look
       carefully it is possible to make out the
       date January 1913 printed on it, so it is
       104 years old. It also shows the size of
       this newspaper and its column widths
       (before the First World War), but it is the
       price of the advertising space that I fi nd
       incredible. How many ‘ordinary’ people
       could afford these advertising rates?
         This ruler is a survivor. I don’t think
       it was an item given away generally;
       more likely it was used by the
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