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|  Joe Shearn – A Collection of Borders  | |   John Easson  |

                               Joe’s Motif for Small Printing

            o meet the late Joe Shearn, one   amount of the Granjon fl eurons,
            of the early stalwarts of the BPS   which he often printed in 2-colour
       Tand the PG, you’d have thought he    arrangements that doubled the area he
       was rather old-fashioned, conventional,   could cover.
       and unadventurous. He worked in the     I was particularly struck with his
       NHS administration, mostly with fi ling   motif on the title page of the 1968
       (I think), and fi tted one’s image of a   Small Printing, which created the
       stereotypical librarian. But he was an   illusions of both angled setting and
       enthusiastic printer, and working with   three dimensions using a rectangular
       a Model platen and a minute quantity   setting of his geometric pieces.
       of type – one double case of 10 point     The pages reproduced here were his
       Plantin, and a few other card fonts, plus   contribution in 1975 to an American
       a few pounds of borders – he produced   eccentric publication The Gobboon
       a great fl ow of material.             which, like Small Printing, was compiled
         What struck me most was his fl air   from contributions by ‘small printers’.
       with the creative use of the border   As few (if any) BPS members are likely
       units he had. His main units were     to have seen it, I thought it worth
       several 12 point simple geometric     showing, especially as they give his
       pieces, squares and triangles, solid   thoughts on using border units.
       and ruled, but he later added a small
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