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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

             ike many couples whose children   Branch members, writes from the
             have long since flown the nest,   Antipodes about the Australasian
       LLibby and I usually plan any         Rare Book School: not a subject, I
       time away from home specifically      suggest, that is familiar to many of our
       to avoid school holidays. This year,   members. This is well worth a read.
       however, is different – for reasons I     The cover photograph, and the
       shan’t bore you with – and as I write   accompanying article that starts on
       this, in the middle of August, we     page 210, ask for your help. With
       are currently staying just south of   the accumulation of experience
       Shrewsbury.                           amongst our members, surely there
         This is our third visit to the county   is somebody somewhere that can
       of Shropshire, our previous one       respond to this plea?
       some four or five years ago being an     We have occasionally included Book
       accompaniment to our hiring of a      Reviews in the magazine, and there is
       canal narrowboat on which we crossed   another on page 211. Although you will
       the Pontcysyllte aqueduct (I trust I’ve   undoubtedly have to pay rather more
       spelt it correctly, although I wouldn’t   than the original cover price of half-a-
       trust myself to pronounce it). This is   crown, this could be a good source of
       a magnificent structure that has been   material for anyone interested in the
       carrying the canal 125ft above the    first steps of book-binding.
       River Dee for the past 200+ years.
         This has nothing at all to do with
       printing, although our first visit to
       this splendid county certainly did as it
       was on the occasion of the Shropshire
       Branch Convention. We both have
       fond memories of this and for the
       hospitality shown to us by Brian
       Russell, who was a volunteer at the
       Ironbridge Heritage Museum. One of
       our lasting souvenirs of that visit is
       a cast-iron nameplate for our house,
       made (more or less) while we waited.
         We start this month’s magazine
       with a most interesting article by John     Chris and Libby at the 2007
       Easson. It remembers Joe Shearn           Shropshire Branch Convention
       – whom some older members may
       have known – and his astonishing use   Views expressed by individual authors are
       of border units. Not a piece of Glint   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       among them!                           All advertisements are accepted in
         John Holmes, one of our Overseas    good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: The Clipston Press       the goods sold from the advertisements
       manufactured by John Haddon. See      nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       Richard Paterson’s article on page 210.  statements in any advertisement.
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