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       going to be of a high order this year.   by experimentation and instruction
       Bob Richardson, our Ink sprite (and   from Alan himself. This year we had a
       favourite journalist), was also on fi ne   lengthy business meeting, so we had
       form. Alan Brignull, sole proprietor of   been given time to enjoy the treasures
       Adanaland, had attracted his usual    of the Adanaland collection and
       fan-base of admirers and afi cionados.   archives. Displays included book-based
       It was good to meet again the Revd    and historical examples, some of which
       Patrick McEune, who by some miracle   were rare and in many cases unique.
       did not have a wedding on this        The material produced during the ISPA
                                                   years was really fascinating.
                                                   I have often mentioned a
                                                   favourite phrase of mine, ‘The
                                                   Printerly Chat’ – and this is
                                                   what makes these events. The
                                                   older printing inspires nostalgic
                                                   reminiscence, and to listen to
                                                   people who actually knew the
                                                   individual printers makes for a
                                                   wonderful experience. The BPS
                                                   is indeed a Society of Friends,
                                                   many of whom have happy
                                                   memories of friendships from
                                                   years past.
                                                     The displays put together
                                                   by Alan included ‘Colour
                                                   overprint experiments’, which
                                                   were inspired by Eric Webb’s
                                                   Chromatic change in Step but
                                                   using type ornaments, and a
                                                   most handsome exhibition
         Alan’s display of ‘Colour Overprint Experiments’  entitled ‘Inspiration across the
       particular Saturday (the fi rst time for   Decades’ that included some superb
       many years). Our Chairman Len Friend   linocuts and a selection of It’s A Small
       had brought along a video of himself   World which, under Alan’s steady hand,
       working the huge Heidelberg from The   is now into its 65th year of annual
       London Print Museum. It must be one   publication.
       of the few remaining fully operational     I say three cheers for Alan Brignull,
       cylinder presses of its size, and the   who this year prints his 103rd issue of
       speed was amazing.                    the monthly Rambling Urchin. A true
         Also in attendance were our friends   inspiration to Small Printers of the 21st
       Ron and Margaret Rookes, and fi nally   century everywhere. And, of course, a
       Mike Perry from the Top Hat Press in   big thank you to Alan and Julie Brignull
       Ongar.                                for all their hard work on our behalf.
         Usually at the Adanaland events
       we push the frontiers of printing                   Chris. Brinson  (10631)
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