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Branch Reports

       Bristol Branch                        of the Severnside Press, introducing us to
                                             himself and the press, and recalling his
       We asked – and you                    memories of some past Bristol Branch
       delivered!                            members. Many thanks Bernard, we will
                                             be in touch very soon!
         n our fi rst Branch report we put a call
         out for any information regarding the                  Ian Knight  (10750)
       Ipast activities of the Bristol Branch,
       and you have delivered! I need to give a
       special word of thanks to Chris Daniells
       of the Maidenhead branch for not only
       alerting me to a letterpress plate of
       the logo designed for the BPS Bristol
       1988 convention on eBay (which I got
       for the princely sum of £2.79), but for
       also sending me a copy of the July 1976
       Small Printer. This edition was practically
       taken over by photographs and reports   Maurice Francom with his Heidelberg at
       of the 1976 Convention at the Bristol      the 1976 Bristol Convention.
       Esso Motel, which is now the Holiday Inn   Photographed by Mike Burridge.
       where the most recent Bristol convention

                                             Essex Branch
                                             July Meeting

                                                   nce again we entered the
                                                   hallowed interior of the
                                             OHedgehog Press, Adanaland,
                                             and the Perfect State of Flatby. This
           The 1988 Bristol Convention Plate
                                             was an eagerly awaited highlight in our
       was held forty years later. Apparently   annual events calendar for the Essex
       one Bristol member, Maurice Frankcom,   Branch, and as usual it turned out to
       brought a 1.5 ton Heidelberg Windmill   be a day of jollity and typographical
       press along, and after much assistance   enlightenment.
       had it installed in the Hambrook Suite!     The great and the good of the small
         We would also like to thank the     printing world were in attendance.
       Maidenhead branch for their printed   Our Vice-President Dr Paul Hatcher
       cards included in the August Small    graced us with his presence and we
       Printer, kindly giving congratulations on   were delighted to meet our Honorary
       the Bristol Branch reformation.       Member Mike Elliston all the way
         We have received a beautifully      from the Galloping Tortoise Press
       typewritten letter from Bernard Wheeler   in Basildon. The ‘Printerly chat’ was
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