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end of its line. It is cumbersome and   scrap, so, two things – fi rst, can anyone
       probably never popular, and other     shed any further light on the identity and
       examples seem more likely to have     background of this press and, second,
       been scrapped rather than sold on: mine   is there anyone who would take on
       certainly is now at the end of the line. I   the task of restoration? Of course, I’d
       have no room for it and what time I have   be happy to give it away to someone
       I prefer to use for printing, so it must   genuinely interested in ‘doing it up’, and
       go. It is not in the best of order – one of   I can organise help to lift it into the back
       the curved roller bearers was snapped   of a suitably large car, but transportation
       and the broken piece is missing, so a   by courier would, I imagine, be
       new bearer would need to be fashioned,   expensive.
       some screws are missing and, of course,     Anyone with any information or
       rollers would be required as well as a   who is willing to take on a challenge
       lot of elbow grease to get rid of surface   can contact me – my details are in the
       rust. But I am reluctant to send it for   Membership List.

       |  Book review  |                                  |  Angie Butler   (10816)  |

       Binding Your Own Books – Author: John Woodcock

       Puffi n Picture Book 104 - (Two Shillings and Sixpence!)
       Printed in Great Britain for Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, by Brown
       Knight and Truscott Ltd. 1956.

            rowsing through the library wares   score books. It’s quite funny that this
            at the BPS convention in Newport   illustration shows how to re-cover your
       Bthis year I was immediately drawn    copy of the Pelican book Uncommon Wild
       to the striking illustration on the front   Flowers. Sacrilege, these days, surely?’
       cover of this book. I then asked myself:      Although now 67 years old, this slim
       who was John Woodcock?                volume still holds a wealth of relevant
         Well, Jane Audas (see http://www.   and vital information for readers who had already done a   are interested to learn or re-engage
       bit of digging and had found out that he   with the craft of book-binding. Written in
       designed another Puffi n cover for The   accessible language, the content covers
       Puffi n Quiz Book, also in 1956, and later   lots of ground, with sections on tools
       went on to teach at St Martin’s School   and materials, card and paper, re-binding
       of Art. I second her in thinking that   a multi-section book, adapting the
       ‘the cover of this book is magical, and   case, making your own pattern papers,
       represents my ideal Sunday afternoon   marbling with oil colours and even tips
       activity of cutting and pasting and making   regarding the titling of books.
       nice paper covers. The patterned papers     I now have my very own copy, courtesy
       Woodcock illustrates on the cover and   of Vera at Vortex Books, who actually
       inside the book reference the nice covers   re-bound it herself in a bookbinding class of the Penguin music   40 years ago!
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