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the line. The next item was an extract of   not try damping the paper because I had
       the fi rst book printed in New Zealand   no experience of using dampened paper.
       – Māori Catechism printed by William   After a very frustrating session I decided
       Yate in Paihia in 1830. It was followed   to transfer the forme to the Vandercook
       by the English translation. The Gospel   and got a much more uniform impression.
       according to St Luke was printed in Paihia   We printed a run of 60 copies on the
       in 1835 and we set the title page. The next   Vandercook and an additional 25 copies
       page was a version of the leafl et printed   on the Albion. The four sheets on the
       by the Church
       Society press
       in Paihia
       advertising a
       meeting in 1835
       to establish a
       Society. There
       is a copy of
       the Report of
       the meeting
       in the Hocken
       Library and a
       the Title page
       and a extract of
       the Resolution
       establishing the
       New Zealand
       Temperance                      Temperance Society Leafl et
       Society formed two pages. The fi nal page   verso were less of a problem, once we had
       was a copy of a hand-set letter from the   worked out how to ensure the alignment.
       Wesleyan Mission Press in the Hokianga      The title page cover and colophon were
       to the Headquarters in London asking for   printed on coloured card covers – blue for
       more italic type.                     the Vandercook edition and brown for the
          The students all set the type without   Albion edition. The booklets were collated,
       seeing the original and only using the   stitched and trimmed and each student
       limited amount of body type available   was given 2 copies of the blue booklet
       at the Otakou Press. Few has any prior   and one of the Albion edition. Copies
       experience of typesetting or letterpress   were given to the University Library,
       printing but they soon discovered the   the Alexander Turnbull Library and the
       layout of typecases and some of the tricks   Dunedin City Library. After the type had
       of hand-setting and locking up a chase.   been dissed, students were then taken to
       We printed the fi rst side on the Albion but   the Hocken Library to view the source
       experienced major problems in getting   documents.
       a uniform impression. We were printing     Ed: Dr Claire Bolton is a former
       on to Munken 130gsm dry paper but did   member of the BPS.
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