Page 9 - October 2017
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|  Traditional print-making could make 3D move | |  Ron Watson  |

       A                                     such a development as “a real revolution”.
             traditional print-maker has been
             experimenting with the latest
                                               Over the next few months, Borrington
       prints. technology in printing to create 3D   says he will be investigating the potential
                                             of reproducing the traditional techniques
         David Borrington of Dekkle Printmaking   with the Form 2 3D printer along with the
       Studios in Baldock
       (North Hertfordshire)
       says that experimental
       platemaking is ‘starting
       to take place’ in the form
       of a collaboration with
       Formlabs Form 2 3D
         He describes the
       pioneering work as a
       new alchemy, adding: “If
       we get this right, it will
       revolutionise traditional
       intaglio printing for all,
       and save the calibre of
       the traditional method
       and bring it into the 21st
         He said it could mean traditional   creativity possibilities of Zbrush.
       techniques “can be placed in the hands of     Borrington adds that the Formlabs and
       people wherever they have one of these   Dekkle collaboration plan to run workshops
       desktop 3D printing machines,” billing   demonstrating the potential of this “heady
                                                            mix of traditional
                                                            and contemporary
                                                              He is looking for
                                                            other interested parties
                                                            to get involved as
                                                            each 3D printer would
                                                            potentially create a
                                                            diff erent quality of
                                                            image, and he has plans
                                                            for artists who take
                                                            part to create limited-
                                                            edition box sets of
                                                            prints, which could be
                                                            the very fi rst 3D printed
                                                            Intaglio series ever

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