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|  Brass plaque |                                     |  Len Friend  (8988)  |

       A                                     polymer and from these 100 plaques
             few months ago I put an appeal in
                                                   were cast by a foundry in Telford.
             Small Printer for information
             about a brass plaque
       that had come into my                           At the same time a smaller
                                                         keyring version was
       possession. I am pleased                            produced, and they
       to say that I had                                     all went on sale at
       several replies from                                   the 1994 Bristol
       BPS members who                                        Convention.
       still have them, and                                    Since we spoke
       with their help have                                    Brian has very
       managed to get                                          kindly sent me
       the answer to my                                        the original fi lm
       question.                                               and dies. My
          The plaques                                         thanks to all the
       were produced by                                       BPS members
       Brian Russell: he is                                 who helped solve
       an ex-member who, as                                the mystery and it is
       well as making excellent                          now the intention of the
       polymer blocks, had a hobby                    Essex Branch membership
       of manufacturing horse brasses.          to convert our one into an annual
       He made the original dies in deep etch   Branch award.

                            Wanted - a new Editor
                                for Small Printer                B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

                  B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y
          A version of this appeal has appeared for the past several months. There
          has been no response whatsoever but you should know that if nobody is
                  willing to take on the role of Editor then – quite simply –
                      the magazine will not be produced any more.

             Although the position is nominally for a period of three years, it is
               possible that the EC would consider somebody as Editor for a
                                   shorter timespan.
           I urge you to consider whether this is something you could do. I should
                be happy to answer any questions about what is involved –
                      just send a message to

               If you feel able to take the plunge, then please contact the BPS
            Secretary, Peter Salisbury, at 4 Doran Drive, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6AX,
                           or email

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