Page 4 - October 2017
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|  Printing Museum in Beijing China  |  |   Frank Mattocks  |

           he museum is housed in a building      The typecases need to be seen to be
           at the Graphical Institute in the   believed: they are 6ft high by 10ft wide.
       Tsouthern suburbs of Beijing.         Imagine sorting the type after a printing
          The main building consists of three   job! One of the exhibits is a compositor
       fl oors of machines, type and printed   sitting at two ‘wheels’ of type. There
       objects going back through the ages.   is a further exhibition of industrial
       There are even some examples of       printing plant in the basement, which is
       the recent inventions by a guy called   accessible at the side of the entrance to
       Gutenberg somewhere in Europe,        the main building.
       including a copy of his press.

        Now that’s what I call a font. Compare it with the size of the dining chair on the right:
                just imagine the manager saying “no, take it back, I wanted 14pt”

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