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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

           t’s already October, so you-know-    So what do we have this month?
           what will be here all too soon (I refer   In recent months we have enjoyed
       Ito the festival that occurs in late   reading about members’ experiences
       December, the preparations for which   of museums abroad. On the next page
       seem to start earlier each year).     Frank Mattocks describes what must
         I wish to start this month’s        surely be the most unusual one to have
       editorial by announcing that this     appeared in these pages – a printing
       is possibly the antepenultimate       museum in Beijing. There is even a
       issue of Small Printer that you will   handy map in case the article inspires
       receive, at least in its present form.   you to visit.
       For those of you suffering from         A few years ago the idea of printing
       hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia   as anything other than producing an
       (look it up) it means that there are   image on a flat surface was almost
       possibly only two more magazines to   unheard of (I’m not talking here about
       come after this one. To explain why,   heavy impressions from an Adana).
       please take a look at the panel at the foot   Three-dimensional printing is now a
       of page 227. This plea, or a version of it,   reality and will become more available
       has appeared in the magazine for several   as prices fall, as they undoubtedly will.
       months now and the response has been   Ron Watson introduces us to the subject
       deafening by reason of its absence.   on page 228.
         Wearing my other hat (that of         Greg Barnett is another of our
       Membership Secretary) I have been     members who has, sadly, recently
       looking at the number of new members   departed from us. As son Andrew
       joining the Society over the past 60   relates on page 233, after becoming
       years, and last year we welcomed over   interested in printing his father joined
       40; in the previous two years over    the BPS ‘before long’. In fact Greg
       20 joined each year. I should like to   joined, as member 3858, in the middle
       invite each of these people to consider   of December 1972. Many of us will
       whether they feel that the task of Editor   remember him at various Conventions
       is something that they could take on.   for two reasons – he always insisted on
       I understand that many will have      wearing his name-badge upside-down
       demanding jobs, be bringing up young   (“in case I forget my own name”) and
       families, or both – but most of us have   he rarely ventured more than £1 when
       been there in the past.               bidding at auctions. Ironically, this bid
         The task isn’t particularly demanding;   was often enough to secure the item in
       it can be carried out at odd moments and   question.
       anywhere you have an email connection.
       I am happy to answer any questions you   Views expressed by individual authors are
       may have, so please contact me if you   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       need further information about what the   All advertisements are accepted in
       position expects of you.              good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Kevin Dodman printing at   the goods sold from the advertisements
       Stow Maries on his Adana 5x3 see Essex   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       Branch report on page 238.            statements in any advertisement.
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