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sshhh!!!                                Line Ads

            we could be your                 Wanted
            best kept secret...              A member wishes to purchase second-
                                             hand letterpress equipment and type,
                                             also some wood letter. If you have any
          The quickest and easiest           surplus items for sale, please contact
          TRADE ONLY                         Carl Jackson (10642),
                                             c/o The Waverley, 88 Banks Road,
          online ordering system for         West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0RE.
          NCR sets, books and pads
          Register now                       • a small, simple, table-top cylinder

            To access instant                proof press (bed size 18ins x 13ins or
            trade only prices                • a paper fl ong (for showing to students)
                                             • precision register quoins (midget
           £20 off your first order          All these are highly unlikely and rare as
                                             hen’s teeth, but I thought this might be
          Just select BPS SMALL PRINTER when registering  the place to ask. If you can help, please
                                             contact Elizabeth Willow (10807); email
            Produce In-House  Outsource to Print4Printers Thank you!
                  CARRIAGE  REPRO
                           print for
                    YOUR   P 4P  YOUR
             PAPER  PROFIT       PROFIT  BPS Member No. 10735
                           FINISHED &        Wanted
                          O O O O OUTSOURCE
                           IN 5-7 DAYS
                LABOUR     TO P4P
                                             Copies of Small Printer from the 1980s.
          Our unique online ordering system gives   Please contact Patrick Roe (10805) at
          you instant quotes, and puts you in total
          control of your trade ncr outsourcing.
          We print directly from the reel and pass   Members may be interested to know
          the savings on to you.  In many cases we   that former member Andy Taylor at the
          can print and deliver for less than the   Elrod Press is back in business, casting
          cost of the sheetfed raw materials.  Leads and Rules at a cost of £20 per kilo
                                             plus carriage. Email him on
          Unit F Salcombe Court  P 4P for details
          Meadow Lane Industrial Estate  print for  of Rules available, he is not casting 1pt
          Alfreton DE55 7EG      printers    leads.
          Tel: 01773 743621
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