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in 1960 with Kenrick and Jefferson of
       West Bromwich and has also worked in
       fl exography, screen printing and litho until
       retiring seven years ago. Eight of us met at
       the marina pub and were taken in groups
       to admire his freshly painted boat and
       the press room that he has established in
       the cratch, or sharp end. This is a small
       triangular space with a porthole overlooking
       the marina and not one, but two, Adana
       presses on which we were able to print a
       two-colour souvenir of our visit. Type is out
       of the question in this very limited space,
       but Graham puts his experience to good
       use in designing work on his computer
       and having blocks made. Afterwards, over
       a meal in the pub, Graham admitted that
       he had only had time to paint the side of
       Minstrel Boy next to the jetty. He now tells
       me that he has turned his home round and
       painted the other side: we will have to insist
       on a return visit to inspect.            Graham Skitt printing on board the
                          Peter Criddle (6562)     narrowboat  ‘Minstrel Boy’

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                                                           10% OFF
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                                                          YOUR FIR
                                                          YOUR FIRST
                                                            ORDE ER

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