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                                             claim a War Department leave of absence
                                             certifi cate, and National Registration Act
                                             1915 offi cial identity card, ideal if you want
                                             to go time travelling!
                                               Quite a busy day for us all but the actual
                                             fl ow through of visitors was not as high
                                             as it could have been. The organisers in
                                             their wisdom had opened the museum
                                             for free on the preceding weekend, but
                                             our weekend commanded an entry fee
                                             which put off a lot of the public. However
                                             we could give our visitors extra care
                                             and attention as we were not rushed or
                                             pressured. Interest in our society was
               Leave of Absence Pass         considerable and I think we did the B.P.S.
                                             proud and raised the public profi le of the
       aerodrome was built on Flambard’s Farm,   Society of Friends still further.
       hence her title for the series.                        Chris. Brinson (10631)
         The museum details may be found on                 Shropshire Branch
         The historical material printed by the   June & August Meetings
       Essex Branch was of a high order (see
       illustrations) each piece was personalised
       with the persons own name, and this was     e have missed a few of our planned
       done rapidly thanks to our two Fleet St.    meetings this year but have
       professional “Comps” Each visitor could   Wrecently had two very successful
                                             (and watery) visits.
                                              The fi rst in June was to members Ian and
                                             Margaret Hutchings at their workroom by
                                             a lake in North Shropshire. Margaret sells
                                             second-hand books which are stored there,
                                             and Ian prints using an Adana 8x5 and a
                                             stock of type which he has built up over the
                                             past year or two. Having printed souvenirs
                                             of our visit we were able to look through
                                             the books and buy at generously discounted
                                             prices. We then settled in chairs by the
                                             waterside to talk printing, eat our picnic and
                                             watch the sun set over the lake.
                                               Another enjoyable outing was in August
                                             when we were invited by our chairman
                                             Graham Skitt to board his narrowboat
                                             home, Minstrel Boy, at its usual mooring
                                             in Staffordshire. Graham has been in
        Mick printing Leave of Absence Passes   printing since his letterpress apprenticeship
                 on the Ajax Major
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