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Chairman), guests Steve Linehan and Barry
       Felstead, both volunteers at the St. Bride
       Foundation and the Type Archive, and  BPS
       member Mick Clayton and Gill his wife
       both of whom also volunteer at St. Brides.
       Ron and Margaret Rookes, Chris & Jenny
       Brinson, and fi nally our latest recruit Kevin
         During the course of the day we were
       delighted to greet our oldest member,
       Ken Wright all the way from Braintree.
       Also Jillian Atkins was with us together
       with some gems from her late husband   Steve and Barry printing Identity Cards,
       Robert’s library.  These were offered to
                                                        assisted by Gill
                                               Ron and Margaret were displaying our
                                             range of BPS publications together with
                                             some exquisite keepsakes and novelty
                                             souvenirs printed by Ron on his Adana
                                               The Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome
                                             is Europe’s largest surviving WW1
                                             Aerodrome and we were up against it with
                                             competing events.
                                               During the course of the day we had
                                             poetry readings, book signings, talks, and
                                             even an operetta performed for the fi rst
               The Gotha G.V. Bomber         time in ninety years after being found in a
                                             desk drawer!
       members for a donation to the Salvation
       Army. Thank you for thinking of us Jillian     Kathy Peyton the author of “Flambards”
       and taking the trouble to be with us.  which older readers may remember was
         We had plenty of elbow              a successful television series. The actual
       room for our display as we
       were housed in a large open
       fronted marquee. Len Friend
       had excelled himself by printing
       a massive Zeppelin on a 12ft
       banner for one end of the
       tent, and an equally massive
       Gotha G.V. Bomber aircraft for
       the matching end. Len had
       also printed a mass of WW1
       ephemera and beautiful full
       colour posters. Altogether a
       superb effort on his part.                       Identity Card
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