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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

       This is a historic First World War airfi eld,   did not stop the fl ow of conversation.
       set up for defending London against   By the door there was another table
       Zeppelins and Gotha bombers, and      with something mysterious under a dust
       we were requested to wear vaguely     sheet — this turned out to be Chris’s
       appropriate clothing. This explained why   latest restoration project, a thermograph
                                                         machine made by Noble
                                                         Engineering. It had been
                                                         cleaned, de-rusted and
                                                         lubricated till it ran
                                                         smoothly and quietly,
                                                         looking almost as good
                                                         as new. Chris didn’t turn
                                                         the heater on, though.
                                                         Whether this was because
                                                         he didn’t trust his colour-
                                                         blind rewiring or whether
                                                         he didn’t trust us not to
                                                         test it on slices of pizza
                                                         we can’t be sure. Finished
                                                         specimens are promised
                                                         for a PG bundle soon.
                                                          Demonstration over,
                                                         we reverted to chat and
                                                         putting the world to
            Chris’s Noble Engineering Thermograph
                                                         rights, aided by a constant
       Len was wearing a leather fl ying helmet   fl ow of tea and coffee, till it was time
       — watch out for photos in a future Small   to rejoin the real world outside. Many
       Printer! Following this we have return to   thanks to Chris and Jenny for putting up
       the Craft Fair in Thaxted on 21 October.  with us all yet again!
         Business over, free-ranging chat
       resumed in earnest. We spent a while                    Alan Brignull (4800)
       reviewing the Small Printer reviews of
       the Rosen Award items before starting   Stow Maries
       to wonder why we had chosen the
       subject we did for this year, then moved   ur latest and greatest effort to
       on to the merits (or not) of fake Chinese   date took place on Sunday 3rd
       Adanas, the perils of unpredictable   OSeptember. A jolly group of B.P.S.
       import duty levied on goods ordered   Members were invited to attend the Stow
       from abroad (the main thing appears   Maries Great War Aerodrome ‘Wings
       to be not describing machine parts as   & Words’ event and demonstrate our
       ‘machine parts’) and the state of the   letterpress printing skills for the edifi cation
       paper industry. Bring back Dosseters and   of the public. Altogether fi ve presses were
       Waltham Paper!                        in action, printing a wonderful assortment
         Jenny had prepared an ample table   of ephemera some relating to World War 1.
       full of food and drink for us but even this     Our group consisted  of Len Friend (our
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