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Branch Reports

       Dorset Branch                         and projectors being available that
                                             actually talk to each other. If anyone
       August Meeting                        wishes to use the hotel laptop/projector
                                             system at next year’s Convention it might
              embers may have noticed that   be best if they provide everything on a
              there has been a lack of reports   memory stick that can be checked prior
       Mfrom our Branch recently. This       to the weekend. Ron will ask the hotel if
       was because much of the content of the   he can check this at the venue.
                                meetings       Les Taylor, who attended this meeting
                                was to do    as a guest, had brought along a TODO
                                with the     craft machine, which could be used as
                                various      a proofi ng press, hot foil machine and
                                aspects      a cutter. While the machine is made of
                                connected    plastic, it was quite heavy and did seem
                                with the     to be quite robust. A registration system
                                convention   will need to be developed. Further
                                in 2018:     research shows that when new, this
                                also, there   machine is priced around £300. Although
                                have been    it seems that they can be found on Ebay
                                no practical   for a range of prices starting around £80.
                                items        Les has also been busy printing his own
                                worth        designs of stamps using the TODO and
                                reporting.   Adana machines.
                                 At our
                                August                         Ron Watson  (6955)
                                there was    Essex Branch
                                a brief
                                discussion   August Meeting
                                on 3D
                                printing,         t a rough estimate, the 16
  The TODO machine with a block
  in place ready to be printed. You   based on    members who assembled at The
  would place paper or card on top   what Ron   AHaven Press on 19 August had
  and then wind the handle to drive   had found   travelled a total of about 700 miles, such
  the pressure roller across    out over     is the renown of the Essex Branch’s
                                the past     annual seaside outing to Holland on Sea
       couple of weeks. An article appears in   and the hospitality of Chris and Jenny
       this issue of Small Printer, outlining how   Brinson.
       this method might be used to produce     As soon as everyone had arrived and
       blocks for letterpress printing, together   settled down, Chairman Len called us to
       with Ron’s fi ndings, which seems to   order for the formal part of the Branch
       indicate this will take some time to be of   meeting and a recap of coming events.
       use to our members.                   First of these was an invitation to Stow
         Roderic raised the point about laptops   Maries, near Maldon, on 3 September.
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