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Greg Barnett (3858)

          Dad’s interest in printing began in 1973. While visiting a demolition site to buy
          fl oorboards for bookshelves, John (‘Number One Son’) brought him a machine
          he had found and asked what it was: it was a printing press, an Adana 5x3. Dad
          bought it and took it home.
          Before long Dad had joined the BPS and started Dome Press; his colophon was
          a musical stave showing the notes g and b in the key of g (these represent ‘do’
          and ‘me’, hence ‘Dome Press’). In 1975 he moved to Portsmouth and with some
          local BPS members set up the Solent Branch.
          Over the years the Solent Branch held many open days and wayzgooses. They
          also organised Conventions in Portsmouth in 1982 and Southampton in 1991
          and 2008.

          Dad encouraged us to take an interest in printing and we would earn extra
          pocket money by distributing type and other ‘devilry’. It was surprising to fi nd
          out that other children didn’t have type catalogues to look at.

          This interest continues in the family to this day and his grandchildren know the
          difference between a fount, a font and a typeface.
          Dad served on the Executive Committee for several years and as Acting
          President of the Society in 2001. With typical modesty he was genuinely
          surprised to receive the William Brace award the same year.

          He died at Jubilee House on 18th July 2017 and leaves four children, four
          grandchildren, and more friends than I can count.

                                                Andy Burton (‘Number Three Son’)

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