Page 6 - November 2017
P. 6

|  Quarto Days  |                                          |   Continued  |

                            The ‘Press Here’ Letterpress Studio
       and, with his help, print a sample of work   him that our objective was possible, we
       to take home. It was magic.           left as the doors were closing with a loan
         We stayed till closing, with John   copy of Printing for Pleasure by John
       answering questions, telling us about his
       many years of letterpress experience and,
       in short, enchanting us with visions of
       the enormous potential of letterpress. We
       left via the conservatory, full of gorgeous
       greenhouse plants, and made one more
       acquaintance – the graceful Jenny – the
       beautiful print studio cat.
         The most striking thing for us was,
       arriving as we did with no knowledge of
       letterpress printing other than knowing
       this was a method of printing that would
       allow us to retain ownership of publication
       without compromising on the aesthetic
       appearance of the text on the page, was the
       enormous welcome we received from John
       who gave so generously of his time and
       shared so willingly his learned experience.
       Smitten by this enthusiast, encouraged by     Jenny the studio cat
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