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White Porcelain Bowls Volume II
       taking us across the Tay Bridge into Angus     We were warmly greeted by John, who
       and onto Perthshire. As we approached   gave us a tour of his well-stocked studio
       Coupar Angus, a village on the south   followed by a typesetting and printing
       side of the meandering River Isla, we   demonstration from a selection of one of
       followed closely the directions given in the   his many printing presses. Encouraged by
       brochure and, having taken all the correct   John to have a go, I managed to set type
       turnings, arrived sooner
       than expected at the
       gate entrance to Quarto
       Press and the Press Here
       Letterpress Studio of John
        Our fi rst impression
       was – colour. A wonderful
       fl ourish of plants in pots
       and fl owers in baskets
       leads the way to the doors
       of the studio. These, we
       discovered, were the
       fruit of the labour of
       John’s wife Anne, whose
       talent overspills into the
       village centre where she
       creates, with her team of
       volunteers, stunning and
       award-winning fl ower
       displays.                                      Origami

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