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|  Quarto Days  |                                 |  Barbara Morton (10837)  |

       Part 1: In the beginning . . .

       ‘If you look for a letterpress printer, bear in   Frames Gallery, Perth, and McNaughtan’s
       mind that these days most are small-scale   Antiquarian Bookstore and Gallery,
       craft workers, hand-setting their texts in   Edinburgh. We are very pleased that a copy
       a carefully-chosen but limited range of   of White Porcelain Bowls is now held on
       typefaces and sizes, and using slow hand-  the catalogue of the Scottish Poetry Library.
       operated presses.’                      However, in addition to these Artists’
       John B Easson The Quarto Press, Coupar   Books we were keen to publish smaller
       Angus                                 pamphlet-style editions of my writing
                                             which could be produced in greater
            eptember 2016 and, together with   quantity at moderate cost and (as White
            my husband Jim, I had recently   Porcelain Bowls had taken a year to
       Scompleted small editions of my three   produce an edition of twenty-four) within a
       books, White Porcelain Bowls, Contain   shorter time-frame. How would we achieve
       Symphonies of Yellow, and Origami. These   this using traditional print techniques?
       we produced by screen-printing the text   With concern for the arrangement of words
       and binding the books in the Japanese   upon a page and the visual, near structural
                                                          relationship between the
                                                          text and its environment,
                                                          namely the book, being
                                                          foremost, the solution
                                                          seemed to lie in the realms
                                                          of letterpress.
                                                            Except we had no
                                                          previous experience of
                                                          letterpress, and, critically,
                                                          no access to a printing
                                                          press. The plan for a
                                                          typeset pamphlet seemed
                                                          wishful. And then, a friend
                                                          told us about Perth Open
                                                          Studios. These are held
                                                          in September each year,
                                                          and artists throughout
                                                          Perthshire and Kinross-
                                                          shire open their studios
                                                          to the public for this
                                                          nine-day event. I browsed
                                                          the catalogue and to my
                                                          absolute delight came
                White Porcelain Bowls Volume I
                                                          upon the Quarto Press.
       wraparound style.                       The journey from our home in
         The books have been well received, and   St Andrews to Coupar Angus, home of
       exhibited by The Royal Scottish Academy,   Quarto Press, is a scenic 40-minute drive
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