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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

            ou may recall – back in September   overleaf and continues to page 251)
            – that the magazine featured a   please note the panel at the foot of that
       Yrather unflattering picture on the   page. Next year’s Annual Convention
       front cover. It was of a sadly neglected   will be held, as you see, in Bournemouth.
       hand platen press, which was apparently   By my reckoning this will be the sixth
       a ‘Clipston’ self-inking hand press.  Convention organised by the Dorset
         We offer another similar machine to   Branch, and if you have been to one of
       you this month. This was discovered on   their previous ones you know what to
       the roadside and became the property   expect. If not, then I urge you to consider
       of Geoff Moor – read more about it    this – it’s a great deal more than a
       on page 257. If you are puzzled by his   weekend by the seaside.
       first paragraph (“I’ve just received my     We continue our occasional series
       September issue of Small Printer”) I   of visits to far-flung print workshops
       should point out that Geoff lives in Perth   on page 260, this time with a visit
       (the Australian one, not the one across   to Orkney. Kim Lowe describes the
       the border).                          treasures to be found there and it’s
         Quite by chance, Geoff had earlier   certainly a good place to visit if you
       sent me an item about the ‘John Bull’   happen to be passing (not very likely, I
       rubber-letter printing outfits. How   agree, but you never know).
       many of us can trace our involvement in     When you’ve read Kim’s article, take
       printing back to one of these? Somewhat   a look at the Diary dates on page 261.
       bizarrely, entering ‘John Bull’ into the   If you are in the habit of visiting Print
       Amazon search engine brings up several   Fairs, you have a selection to choose
       instances of a different kind of kit – one   from this month – ranging from IPEX
       for making your own home-brew.        (you should get this reminder just in
         I wish to draw your attention to an   time) in Birmingham to Llandudno. And
       article on page 253. This was sent to  me   for those who specialise in long-term
       by St Bride Library and – well, you can   planning, you can choose from Coventry,
       read it for yourself. Probably only of   Plymouth and Hay-on-Wye, all next
       interest if you live within easy reach of   March.
       London, but quite a lot of our members     Before I go, please take note of the
       do.                                   Bundle item describing the printing
         If you have been a member for any   equipment belonging to Ken Hudson, a
       length of time you will know (or know   recently-deceased member. His widow is
       of) John Easson, who runs the Quarto   anxious to clear it, but she would prefer
       Press near Perth (the one north of    that it went to a good home (or homes).
       the border, not the Antipodean one).
       Barbara Morton has written a wonderful   Views expressed by individual authors are
       description of her visit to the ‘Press Here’   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       printing office and her reason for being   All advertisements are accepted in
       there.                                good faith, the Society cannot take
         Once you have read that piece (it starts   responsibility regarding the condition of
                                             the goods sold from the advertisements
       Cover Image: The Quarto Press. See    nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       article on page 248 by Barbara Morton.  statements in any advertisement.
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