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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

       the trouble to prepare for us.        and a rewarding occupation, it is still very
         David used the opportunity to       much alive and kicking.
       demonstrate some refi nements he has     Finally, as we enjoyed the welcome
       made to his proofi ng press, taking it   refreshments with which we concluded our
       beyond the prototype stage, and with   visit, David was able to share with us some
       orders now starting to come in. Those   excellent news. He told us that Berrington
       who were keen to try their hand at    Press has reached an agreement with
       pulling a proof were invited to do so.   Bernard Wheeler to relocate and refurbish
       The superb quality of work produced is   the Albion, Wharfedale, Heidelberg and
       sure to generate considerable interest in   Arab machines from Bernard’s Severnside
       ‘The Berrington’ amongst printmakers.   Press. David hopes that, towards the
       There was much animated discussion and   end of 2018, BPS members will be able
       reminiscence amongst the ‘old stagers’   to visit the Berrington workshop to see
       in our group, while our two young guests,   this remarkable machinery once more
       Rob and Isaac, found plenty to interest   in operation. So, a very positive note on
       them. We were also pleased that Dulcie   which to end a most rewarding evening,
       Fulton of the Shropshire Branch was   and our grateful thanks to David, Adrian
       able to join us. Altogether, the visit was   and Sarah for their hospitality, time and
       a thoroughly enjoyable reminder of the   enthusiasm.
       heritage of letterpress, and also a telling
       demonstration that, both as a process                Richard Paterson  (9575)

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