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Branch Reports

       South Wales Branch                    found himself lamenting the loss of the
                                             letterpress equipment that had been
       September Meeting                     such a mainstay of his work. So with the
                                             benefi t of a spacious workshop he set
             ur September meeting was a half-  himself to restoring and using several
             mile foray over the border into   letterpress machines that came his way.
       OHerefordshire, and to the Berrington   They include a Thompson, a Colt and a
       Press, near Pontrilas, where we were   Vandercook, together with a Waite and
       welcomed by new BPS member David      Saville ‘Falcon’ die-stamping press rescued
       Wood. Those who attended the Newport   from a cement works and lovingly brought

           David prepares to ink up ‘The Berrington’ while Ron, Dominic and Rob look on
       convention will recall David demonstrating   back to life. Together with a huge array
       the prototype of his new proofi ng press,   of type and typesetting materials, looked
       since named ‘The Berrington’ (see the   after by Adrian, the Berrington Press
       cover of the June Small Printer). Happily,   is a letterpress enthusiast’s absolute
       Berrington Press were participating in   delight. Also on display, for the benefi t
       the wonderful Herefordshire Art Week   of any visitors new to the scope and
       (h.Art) and so everything was geared up to   legacy of letterpress, were work samples;
       demonstrate the machinery and some of   these included prints of iconic machines
       the work produced by David, his daughter   including an Elliott cylinder press, a Victoria
       Sarah and his friend Adrian.          Platen, a Model and a Cropper. Smaller
         Having retired after a working life   versions of these prints were included in
       in the printing industry, David had   presentation wallets that David had taken
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