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|  A visit to Solisquoy Printmakers  |                |  Kim Lowe (6026}  |

                hen we were planning our        The press and type were the collection
                holiday to Orkney, I found an   of William Rendall in 1877. This was
       Wadvert for a studio off ering         then taken over by his son W (William)
       courses in a new print technique,     R. Rendall, and also at one point
       and I spoke to Jeanne at ArtWorks     owned by The Orcadian newspaper.
       of the Earth in Stromness. She off ers   In 1987 a grant from the Orkney Arts
                                             Society allowed for the purchase of the
                                             collection from Wilf Marr, printer and
                                             photographer, on his retirement (he
                                             had bought it in the 1960s). The cost
                                             of refurbishing the Eagle press and
                                             moving the collection was covered by
                                             the Heritage Lottery ‘Sharing Heritage’
                                             Fund in January 2017.
                                                The collection also includes the fi rst
                                             Day Book from 1877 showing all the jobs
                                             printed by William Rendall, a fantastic
                                             social record of life in Victorian times.
              Solisquoy Day Book 1877           Interestingly, William Rendall fi rst
       courses in a print technique which I   used the equipment in a building very
       will describe for a future issue of Small   near the old Library building, so there is
       Printer.                              defi nitely a feeling of the press ‘coming
          She also recommended we make       home’.
       contact with Solisquoy Printmakers,      I was made to feel very welcome by
       also in Stromness, and I had the      a member who opened up for me after
       opportunity to visit their premises in   her work hours in a nearby gallery, and
       the WASPS (Workshop and Artists
       Studio Provisions Scotland). There
       are WASPS studios located all over in
       Scotland, including in my home town of
          Solisquoy Printmakers are a group
       and registered charity providing open
       access for printmaking. They have
       an Eagle Columbian along with an
       impressive collection of wooden type,
       lead type and some other equipment.
       The larger items are in their main space     Solisquoy wooden type
       in WASPS which is the old Library for   I now follow their activities closely on
       Stromness, and some smaller items are   their Facebook page, which I hope you
       stored elsewhere. They off er courses in   will look at. If you get to Orkney at all,
       letterpress, etching, lino cuts, screen   they would welcome a visit from any
       printing and colographs, and in print-  fellow printers by prior arrangement.
       related activities including paper-   Email or
       making and bookbinding.               send a message via the Facebook page.
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