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|  My friend John |                              |  Cornelius Cornes (5990)  |

           he Russell-Cotes museum, which    suffering. I heard about the BMA through
           is just across the road from our   the Jimmy Young programme (Radio 2).
       TBournemouth Convention hotel,        Through the Association I met people
       is currently staging an exhibition of   worse off than I was, and, believe me, to
       ‘Miscellany, Linocuts, Woodcuts and Wood   know you are not alone in your suffering
       Engravings’ by John Liddell. Sadly, the   is psychologically helpful. I also learnt a
       exhibition fi nishes in mid-January so won’t   lot about how to control the problem, and
       be on during our Convention weekend.   about the triggers and ways to avoid them.
          John Liddell was a member of the former   Fortunately matters are much better for
       Wessex Branch. I met him when we moved   new sufferers nowadays.
       to Dorset years ago: I went to see him at      I feel that little or no research was done
       home, and I was greeted by his wife Joan.   in those days because 90% of sufferers
       It was a ‘Goodness Gracious!’ moment; we   are women, and most doctors were men
       already knew each other.              who did not believe migraine was a real
          I am a life-long migraine sufferer, and   problem. Migraine sufferers would have
       Joan was President of the British Migraine   found it hard to qualify in medicine; my
       Association, which has been very important   own exam results were much worse than
       in my life. When I was young people blamed   they should have been because of my
       me for so-called bilious attacks, and I   migraine. So you see why I respected Joan
       received no sympathy or support. I never   and, of course, her amazing and talented
       saw a doctor who had any clue about my   husband.

       |  Whittington ‘Presstival’ |

            ach year on the fi rst Saturday of September as part of the village of Whittington’s
            Country Fair the Whittington Press opens it’s doors to the public. This year BPS
       EMember David Wood joined them to  demonstrate his prototype proof press.

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