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|  Another unknown  |                               |  Geoff Moor  (10377}  |

         ’ve just received my September issue of   and she had not yet taken it home. A
         Small Printer and read with interest (as   couple of trips to the shed enabled me to
       II do all the articles!) the request for help   make contact and let her know what she
       with the ‘unknown’ press. I too have a   had and whether she would be willing to
       problem with identifying a press. Like the   part with it. A trade was arranged that
       one in Richard Paterson’s article, it also   involved a couple of bottles of champagne
                                             and I became the new owner.
                                               The press is heavy: I have no idea of
                                             its weight but I can’t lift it. Two big burly
                                             blokes lifted it onto my trailer and I had
                                             to use my small engine lifter (the type of
                                             crane that mechanics use to remove a car
                                             engine) to unload it.
                                               The press has no markings of any
                                             description that I can fi nd. An attack with
                                             penetrating oil and a good period of time
                                             has freed up the movements so that it
                                             works smoothly. It is complete with rollers
                                             and a chase, fortunately. It is missing
                                             one of the delivery board brackets but
                                             that won’t be a problem as I can use the
                                             existing one as a model. I’ve had the press
                                             now for about half-a-dozen years, and one
                                             day will see if it will print. Any clues as to
                                             its make would be greatly appreciated.

       is completely unmarked with regard to a
       maker or agent and is weighty.
         The press was discovered by friends
       of mine sitting outside a gardener’s
       shed in a public park where they’d been
       walking. They weren’t sure what it was,
       but thought it looked like a press and
       naturally let me know about it. After a bit
       of sleuthing I managed to fi nd out how it
       got there.
         In the suburbs of Perth (Western
       Australia), once a year local councils
       arrange for residents to put out on the
       road verge large or heavy items of rubbish
       for collection. The rubbish truck crew
       had found this press on the road verge
       and given it to one of the gardeners for
       her to put in her garden as an ornament.
       Due to its weight it is a two-person lift,
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