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|  Something new |                                   |  Ron Watson (6955)  |

            ome fi ve years ago a new type    At present I am not sure which type of
            of printing technology was       press is going to be available to come
       Sannounced. This was nanography,      to the market place fi rst. Apparently the
       a process that uses ultra-small particles   fi rst test machine will be in the packaging
       of ink to compile the image that is then   area. There are sheet-fed and web
       transferred to the substrate. I have used   machines under test.
       the term substrate as this could be     With any new technology, from the
       paper, card, and possibly even plastic.   idea to production can take some time
       That is a very simplistic description of   and there can be several re-designs
       what it happens.                      along the way. This has happened with
         Digital images can be created by laser   this technology. This means that we still
       or inkjet where the ‘dot’ is deposited   wait to see what can be achieved on
       onto the substrate and either fused (in   the press and only then will be able to
       the case of a laser) or allowed to dry (if   compare and decide if once again there
       by inkjet). Sometimes the toner method   is a serious challenge to litho.
       builds up the layers of toner in the case     It is doubtful that any of these
       of a colour image on to a belt and then   machines will be on show at IPEX at the
       transferred to the substrate.         end of October this year, but you never
         Nanography deposits in a similar way,   know. This show takes place from the
       but it uses ultra-small droplets fi red at   31 October to 3 November at the NEC
       a heated blanket that dries the ink into   Birmingham. It will be a very truncated
       an ultra-thin polymer fi lm, which is then   show compared to previous years and it
       pressed onto the substrate. The dots are   is being staged despite the “Print Show”
       smaller than those normally produced   taking place at Telford less than a month
       by inkjet and much smaller then litho.   earlier.

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