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|  John Bull  |                                     |  Geoff Moor  (10377}  |

                hen I am out and about
                I usually go looking for
       Wletterpress and rubber
       printing press items – I have a small
       collection of John Bull outfi ts and a
       couple of others too. I had a John Bull
       set as a child, but I can’t now remember
       which one it was.
          On a recent trip I didn’t manage to fi nd
       any in the various country antique and
       second-hand shops we visited. Being in
       the Wheatbelt area of Western Australia,
       the second-hand shops had mostly bits
       of farming equipment and the like,
       whilst the ‘antique’ shops were mostly
       full of china and glassware – not greatly
       diff erent from shops everywhere.
          Here are a few shots of the rubber
       stamp outfi ts I have. The little rubber   No 3 Offi ce Outfi t Commercial Printer
       stamp printing press came with a few   from one are written in pencil or ink.
       boxes of type. I found most of them   The John Bull Outfi t with no series
       down here in Australia although the No   number on it was sold for 2/4d; the No
       125 came from eBay.                   4 was 5/-; one of the No 6 was 3/6d
          Several have a price written on them:   and another 5/9d. The No 18 attracted
       I believe this is the original selling price   a discount as the price is shown as 11/3
       since it is in the ‘old money’, and apart   less 1/3d with a total of 10/-.

                             No 3 Offi ce outfi ts with holders
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