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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

             or some reading this the Annual   106 Vicki Barton gives an excellent
             Convention will be a recent     description of a press which is just
       F(and, I hope, pleasant) memory       about as far removed (geographically)
       – others will have to wait until next   as one can get from here.
       month to read about the weekend.        Especially for those who know about
       It’s never too soon to start planning   small platen presses, try your hand at
       ahead, and if Dorset Branch live up   identifying the ‘mystery object’ on page
       to their own very high standards      111. No prizes, just a certain amount
       publicity for the 2018 Convention     of self-congratulation for those in the
       (at Bournemouth) will already be      know!
       available.                              Still with the subject of slightly
         Meanwhile we have the delights of   unusual presses, Ron Watson describes
       this month’s magazine to enjoy.       one that you probably haven’t seen
         Bob Richardson’s contributions      before (page 107). No doubt Bob
       never fail to delight, and on the next   Richardson will be able to produce a
       page you will find a piece of printing   comprehensive history of this machine.
       history. The name may not be familiar   Despite its somewhat DIY appearance,
       to you but it is a fascinating story: I   in the hands of our President it can
       do wonder sometimes just how many     certainly give a good account of itself!
       hours’ research goes into each of Bob’s     More than a handful of members
       contributions.                        and friends were able to visit the
         You may remember from last month    Surrey & Sussex Branch Print ’n’ Paper
       that Pat Swadling left us guessing the   Day towards the end of March, some
       fate of his postcard-sized contribution   being attracted by the talk arranged
       submitted to his local newspaper (and   for the afternoon (see page 116).
       erstwhile employer); you can find out   Everyone there enjoyed it, even though
       on page 110.                          one or two had heard it already. Mark
         Members who have been in the habit   Ovenden, who gave the talk, was able
       of attending Conventions over the     to sell a couple of copies of his book
       years will probably be familiar with   of the same name – for some reason
       the name of Robert Atkins. Although I   the publishers would not let him have
       have to confess that I don’t remember   more. Anyone who was able to obtain
       meeting him or his wife, for several   a copy (and it’s available on Amazon)
       years the goody-bag contained a       cannot fail to be impressed by both the
       sample of his work. Although he died   content and the quality of the work.
       some months ago, Jillian has sent in a
       short article he wrote at the very start
       of his printing career.               Views expressed by individual authors are
         It is always interesting to hear    not necessarily the views of the Society.
       about members’ travels, and on page   All advertisements are accepted in
                                             good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Front cover of a         the goods sold from the advertisements
       Soldans promotional pamphlet. See Bob   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       Richardson’s article on page 100      statements in any advertisement.
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