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Wanted - a new Editor for Small Printer

          Small Printer is the lifeblood of the Society, which is unable to function without a
           The current Editor, Chris Green, agreed to take on the post for two years which
                     comes to an end following the December 2017 edition.
                         Are you interested in becoming our Editor?
              If you are able to give some of your valuable time to assist the Society to
                 continue functioning, please read on to see what the job entails.
          Basically the Editor solicits articles from Members and others, proof reads these
           and then sends them, as they become available, to the Small Printer Designer
           who assembles the artwork and liaises with the printer. You do not have to be
          conversant with page makeup software. You will need to be profi cient with word
           processing software and have the ability to transfer fi les by electronic means.
            If you have read this far and are still interested in taking on the post of Editor
           please contact the Society Secretary,  Peter Salisbury, for a full job description,
                    or our current editor, Chris Green, for further information.
                  Contact details are on the inside front cover of this magazine.

                       FOR SALE

          •  Various Cases of Type

                (Mainly Stephenson Blake)

          •  Type Cases & Frames Etc

                     Moulton Printing
            01253 342992 |
                  132 *igJƂGlF 4oCF  $lCcMpool

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