Page 15 - May 2017
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|  The Print Show 2017 |                            |  Ron Watson (6955)  |

            ollowing on from the two previous   methods of producing the printed
            print shows held at the NEC in   material will become clearer over the
       FBirmingham, The Print Show will      next few months or years.
       be moving to The International Centre in     The show has some attractions which
       Telford from Wednesday 11th until Friday   encourage pre-registration, namely the
       13th October this year. This venue is just   chance to win some pieces of equipment
       northwest of Birmingham.              to the value of £2,300 for a wide format
         There are some compelling aspects   printer out of a total of £8,000 on each
       of this event that should encourage BPS   of the three days the show takes place.
       members to attend and see what is     There is also a free lunch for those who
       taking place within the industry, such as   pre-register, along with free car parking,
       the rise of the inkjet printers, which seem   unlike the NEC where the parking
       likely to be the dominant force alongside   charges cost the same as a light lunch.
       litho. In fact, all litho manufacturers are     The information coming from the
       producing machines which incorporate   organisers indicates that several
       inkjet technology on their presses.   companies are taking larger stands this
       Exactly how they use these differing   year, so it should be well worth a visit.

       |  Mystery press |                                         |  The Editor  |

           his photograph has been sent to me as an ‘unidentifi ed object’. If anyone can
           identify this press, or has any further information about it, please send it to the
       TEditor so that the knowledge can be shared within these pages.

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