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|  Small Faces Exhibition (part 2) |              |  Pat Swadling (10453)  |

       – an invitation                       to the special opening event by the
                                             Mayor of Southampton and the Director
           he story so far: our local newspaper,   of the School of Art and Design and
           Southern Evening Echo (ring any   Fashion.  It’s not often I receive an offi cial
       Tbells?) asked for entries for the    invitation to anything, so the date was
       People’s Postcard Portrait Exhibition   put in the diary and off we went to the
       called Small Faces, to be held at     grand opening evening.
       Southampton’s Showcase Gallery to       We and a few other people arrived
       celebrate its fi fth anniversary, so I sent   early and therefore had a chance to look
       in a letterpress printed entry. The Gallery   round the exhibits before everyone else
                                                            arrived, and what
                                                            a sight greeted us!
                                                            Board after board
                                                            of postcard-sized
                                                            pictures – it took
                                                            about twenty minutes
                                                            to discover my entry.
                                                             Everyone had
                                                            the same problem,
                                                            though, as there
                                                            didn’t seem to be
                                                            any particular layout
                                                            scheme, and none
                                                            of the pictures were
                                                            named. It must have
                                                            become even more
                                                            diffi cult to fi nd your
                                                            entry as more people
                                                            arrived and stood
       is an impressive contemporary art space   admiring the pictures, but not moving on
       situated in the heart of Southampton’s   to the next board very quickly.
       city centre and is part of Southampton   There were only two speeches, one by
       Solent University.                    the Director of the School of Art and
         A couple of weeks before the start of   the other by the Mayor of Southampton
       the exhibition a short item in the Echo   (looking rather splendid in her red robes)
       said the Small Faces organisers were   who offi cially opened the exhibition.
       amazed at the public’s response, with     I’m not sure if my postcard was the
       7,000 postcards being received from all   only letterpress entry, but I did spot
       age groups, including local and national   several very good linocut prints. Indeed,
       artists, schools and community groups:   the sheer variety of ideas and artistry
       however, they were going to use every   was really impressive and put my effort
       submission (something I hadn’t realised   into the shade, but at least I had faced
       was going to happen).                 the challenge and waved the letterpress
         With this number of entries, I was   printing fl ag.
       rather surprised to receive an invitation
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