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established new bases in Wellington   present the building as it would have
       and Auckland, and the press passed    been at the time of the Brothers’ work.
       into the possession of the Waikato    Printing is demonstrated, as well as
       Maori. It was used in the late 19th   displays at the historic tanning and
       century to produce a Maori newspaper,   bookbinding works. In addition to the
       Te Paki o Matariki, was in regular use   original Gaveaux press, there is also
       until 1933, and remained in the care   a replica wooden press. The buildings
       of the Maori people until 1967, when it   are surrounded by lovely gardens and
       was returned to Russell.              are rightly considered an attractive
         The printery underwent careful      destination for visitors in this historic
       restoration in the early 1990s to     area of the North Island.

       |  Baby Adana |                                      |  Ron Watson (6955)  |

             ou never know what is round     tool. The area for the type measures
             the corner when your interest   2.5 inches x 3 inches and a note on
       Yis printing.                         the box states that a larger version
         A few months ago a neighbour        was available – 8 x 5 in size.
       gave a carrier bag to Jean and said
       she might be interested in the
       contents. Well, it turned out to be
       an Adana Baby printing machine.
       The roller was in a sorry state, but
       the machine did seem to work. It
       was decided to send the roller for
       recovering and clean the machine in
       the meantime. The new roller duly
       arrived and without further delay
       Jean assembled the machine with
       a small block, which had also been
       made a few days previously.
         Using a grey ink, so that it showed
       up against the black ink plate, a
       small card was positioned and the
       machine operated; and it produced
       a very good image. There is some
       slack in the roller attachment, but
       what can you expect from a machine
       which was made in 1931? Roy
       Caslon has been able to provide
       some information, but the complete
       records are not available.
         It is possible these machines were
       used during the war as a propaganda
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