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|  The Pompallier Printery, New Zealand ||  Vicki Barton (10519)  |

             n the North Island of New       group known as the Marist Brothers
             Zealand, in the town of Russell,   from France, wishing to advance
       Ostands a building with a unique      Catholicism. They began to build their
       place in the history of printing, as well   mission compound and ordered a
       as in the history of this nation.     printing press from France.
                                                         This press, from the
                                                       picture seemingly similar
                                                       to a Stanhope, was
                                                       constructed in 1840 by
                                                       the fi rm of Gaveaux, and
                                                       transported across the
                                                       ocean in the barque ‘Earl of
                                                       Durham’. The printery (their
                                                       word) opened in 1842 and
                                                       the press can still be seen
                                                       there today, housed in what
                                                       is now recognised as the
                                                       oldest industrial building
                                                       in the country. The Marian
                                                       Brothers, led by Bishop
                                                       Pompallier (after whom the
                                                       building is named), set to
                                                       work producing Catholic
                                                       literature in the language of
         Russell was once known as           the Maoris. By 1850 they had produced
       Kororareka and was the fi rst permanent   50,000 books. In this year, the mission
       settlement in
       New Zealand.
       arrived in the
       early 19th
       century with
       the aim of
       the Maori
       population to
       their religion.
       and Anglicans
       were fi rst in
       the fi eld, but
       they were
       followed in
       1839 by a
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