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       stamps. The state of South Carolina issued   space. The company traded continuously,
       a proclamation (almost certainly printed   for 161 years, until it eventually closed in
       by Walker, Evans) announcing to the   1982. Their business slogan summed up
       world their separation from the United   the philosophy of WECCO, which always
       States in December 1860, as a protest   excelled in everything attempted: “We are
       against the repeal of slavery, an essential   not the best because we are the oldest, we
       source of                                                   are the oldest
       cheap labour                                                because we are
       in the cotton-                                              the best.”
       producing                                                     A small part
       southern states.                                            of Walker,
       As the bloody                                               Evans’ history
       Civil War                                                   lies on a
       progressed and                                              dusty shelf
       Union soldiers                                              at St Bride,
       advanced upon                                               for reasons
       Charleston, the                                             we may
       Confederate                                                 never know.
       government                                                  A few other
       took the                                                    fragments of
       decision to                                                 the business
       move Walker,                                                also survive.
       Evans to a place                                            Members of
       of safety and                                               the Cogswell
       transferred                                                 family
       the business,                                               retained many
       together with                                               litho stones
       stock and                                                   from Walker,
       machinery,                                                  Evans and
       to Columbia,                                                these now
       where the                                                   form part of
       company                                                     a footpath at
       continued its                                               the home of
       business until                                              descendant
       destroyed in the                                            Edna Cogswell
       confl agration                                               on Kiawah
       when the city was razed by Yankee forces   Island, off  the coast of South Carolina, 25
       in February 1865.                     miles southwest of Charleston. The album
        Despite massive fi nancial losses,    at St Bride is a rather more accessible
       Walker, Evans was reformed at the end   relic of this important American printing
       of the Civil War, eventually moving back   company.
       to its original premises at number 3     Next month: The Triumph and
       Broad Street. A new printing plant was   Tragedy of Horace Hart
       constructed in 1909, but the Broad Street
       factory was retained as offi  ces and storage          Bob Richardson (9718)
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