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|  The Caxton Convalescent Home |                   |  Chris Daniells (5734)  |

        – Probably the best 40p you’d ever have spent

              hilst mulling through some old   be called Disappointment No. I. After
              Modern Printers’ Year Books,   additional inquiry, the sub-committee
       WI came across some adverts           selected a very suitable site, consisting
       for the Caxton Convalescent Home for   of many acres, near Sevenoaks. In due
       printers, and their wives or widowed   course another preliminary agreement
       mothers. Fascinated by the seemingly   was made, and this negotiation was
       ridiculously low premium, I decided to   again defeated in a similar way by a
       investigate further. Now this was only   similar combination of rich people.
       open to printers, and their allied trades;   Disappointment No.2. The sub-
       so seemingly,                                              committee,
       if you weren’t                                             so far baffl ed
       a printer by                                               and beaten,
       profession, or                                             pursued their
       in the trade, it                                           purpose,
       wasn’t open                                                and, after
       to you. And                                                more inquiry
       that includes                                              and delay,
       me, though                                                 pitched on a
       seemingly, I                                               pre-eminently
       was also too                                               good site at
       young to get                                               Limpsfi eld,
       involved.                                                  near Oxted,
        I discovered                                              in Surrey. In
       that all of this                                           this case also
       had come               The Original Artist’s Impression    a preliminary
       about because back in 1888 the late Lord   arrangement for sale was made; but,
       Derby, when presiding over the Triennial   strange to say, as if determined by a
       Festival of the Charing Cross Hospital,   fi at of fate, a few wealthy people in
       said “If a patient in a convalescent stage   the Limpsfi eld district put their heads
       is kept in the hospital, he is occupying a   and their hearts together, and brought
       bed which is wanted for a case of more   suffi cient infl uence to bear on Mr.
       severe suffering.” (Does this sound a little   Leveson-Gower, the selling landlord,
       familiar today?) The chap who instigated   effectually to prevent the purchase.
       this was John Passmore Edwards (1823—  Disappointment No.3.
       1911) who was a journalist, newspaper     I mention these facts to show that
       owner (The Echo) and philanthropist.   certain well-to-do people, with full
       The following is an extract from his   command of the enjoyments of life,
       autobiography.                        entertain an unconquerable objection
         Certain local gentry, hearing what   to their poorer fellow-countrymen and
       was proposed, conferred and combined   women coming ‘between the wind and
       together to bring social pressure on   their nobility’. Poor men and women
       the selling landlord, and prevented   are well enough in their places, and
       the completion of the sale. This may   particularly when producing the wealth
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