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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

            ome longer-serving members may   that of gathering material: although
            remember that several years ago   this sometimes still remains a bit of a
       SI edited Small Printer, producing    problem, more Society members have
       very nearly 100 issues. Since the     been providing material recently, as
       beginning of last year I have again taken   you will have seen in these pages. The
       on the role, but the job has changed.   ‘editing’ part of the job still remains, and
       When I was invited to become Editor   this is what I find the most enjoyable
       again I was on holiday and a little   part. It simply means reading through
       reluctant to commit to the task, so I   the articles, correcting spelling,
       agreed to fill the post for two years.  punctuation and syntax as necessary,
         That two years will be up at the end   and generally ensuring that it all makes
       of 2017 and the EC is anxious to find   sense.
       somebody who will carry on with what     Articles (especially Branch reports)
       is a fairly important part of the Society’s   sometimes arrive with plenty of
       existence.                            photographs, and so you can select the
         Years ago the Editor’s task was     ones you prefer.
       manifold. He was expected to source     Liaison with the Designer is essential,
       much of the material, proof-read and if   but this should not be difficult to achieve.
       necessary edit it (after all, that’s what   The way it currently works is that I send
       the Editor does!), arrange the page   the material to Ron, and he places the
       layout, fitting everything in to the right   articles and photographs on the page.
       number of pages, and finally send it all   Maybe there is a little bit of fine-tuning
       to the printer. When I started, the whole   to be done and then it’s ready to print!
       magazine (apart from the cover) was     I should like to think that by now you
       black-and-white, although later we saw   might be thinking “Well, that sounds
       the introduction of four colour pages per   easy enough – that’s something I’d like
       issue. Although this made the publication   to have a go at.” If you are thinking along
       more attractive, it was sometimes quite a   these lines but aren’t quite sure, then I’ll
       headache sorting out those four pages!  try to answer any questions you have. If
         All that has changed. First, as Small   you feel confident enough to take it on
       Printer is now printed digitally there   – and it’s not for ever, as non-Executive
       is no restriction on colour. The other   Officers are generally appointed for three
       major change has been the introduction   years – then contact Peter, the Society
       of a second person to handle the design:   Secretary. Contact details for each of us
       currently this is Ron Rookes, who as   are inside the front cover.
       Webmaster and Society Mailer somehow
       finds time to fit this in.
         What this amounts to is that the role   Views expressed by individual authors are
       of the Editor has been trimmed down   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       significantly. The primary task is still   All advertisements are accepted in
                                             good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Printing a plastic craft   the goods sold from the advertisements
       stamp in an Adana  8x5. See Dorset    nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       Branch report on page 65.             statements in any advertisement.
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